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Aromatic Oil

We have created 9 different aromatic oils: mint, basil, oregano, juniper, fennel, schinos, mandarin, lemon and rose.

Giorgos smelling a bush of basil

With every single drop, you will recognise the aromas and flavours of Cretan land.
Our Aromatic oils are known around the world and have been awarded at both the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) and the Athena International Olive Oil Competition.


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How are they made ?

These infused olive oils are created through a process called natural extraction. This process differs from “aromatised oils” wherein an essential oil is simply added into the olive oil. With our method, we extract the natural properties of herbs, fruits and plants into organic extra virgin olive oil which will sit in oil for up to 5 months, increasing the duration and stability of the aromas and flavours in the oil.

The majority of our plants, herbs and fruits are from our own garden. We chose to produce this way so that we can closely monitor the quality of our aromatic oils from seed to bottle.

We make limited quantities every year, which are packaged in numbered bottles.

How to use them?

Our aromatic oils are the perfect pair to any dish! You can simply spray a few drops of your preferred oil on any sweet or savoury foods.

We recommend that for everyday cooking you use virgin and extra virgin olive oils and that our aromatic oils are used to season a dish, enhancing its flavour.

We offer our aromatic olive oils in the following quantities: 100ml and 250ml.
We recommend that 250ml for professional use, as truly just a drop is enough.

We have created this video below to show you how easy and fun it is to add the aromas and flavours of crete to your foods:

How to order?

Currently, we are in the process of establishing an online store, complete with all the necessary legal procedures. In the meantime, you can place orders for our products via email. Upon receiving your email, we will promptly respond with information regarding shipping costs and payment methods.

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Gift Bag


3 x 100ml € 27,00 (€ 90/lt)


Choose three of your favorite aromatic oils in an attractive gift packaging!

Tours & Tastings

Jiorgos and Silke offer tours and tastings for an immersive experience into Cretan life giving you the opportunity to see behind the scenes of olive farming and olive oil creation.

During your visit here, you will learn more about the history of the region, the cultivation of olives and aromatic plants, the ancient olive trees of Crete and our way of life. As you taste the products of our farm, you will not only learn how to distinguish a good extra virgin olive, but you will also have a better understanding of how the aromas and flavours of Crete can enhance everyday foods.

The tours are offered in Greek, English, German and Italian and include a visit to our fields, as well as a tasting of different products from our farm and typical Cretan meze.

Duration and cost
Our tour and tasting is approximately 3.5 hours and is available to groups of between 4-15 people for € 40 per person (VAT included). Children under the age of 6 can visit for free. If you bring any of your children, inform us first!

For groups of less than 4 people, please contact us and we will accommodate!

Olive Oil

Organic Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml out of stock
1L out of stock
5L out of stock

Our organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is cultivated, harvested and pressed in our region here in Crete. To create this olive oil, we harvest our olives during the month of November and bring them directly to the mill to be pressed into oil. 

Due to the disappointing olive harvest this winter, we are unable to offer extra virgin oil this year. We are hopeful for a better yield in  November 2024!

Once pressed, our EVOO is stored and packaged in ideal conditions, protecting it from light and high temperatures.

This oil is sold under the Eptastiktos brand.